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GrassGator Launches a New Multi-Tool Replacement Head

GrassGator has added a new unit to the Multi-Tool offerings. The new "Rampage Multi-Tool" combines the cutting power of blades with the efficiency of pivoting discs. The model 4700 fits most gas trimmers including household grade trimmers with smaller engines. When used with replacement blades 3610, the Rampage Multi-Tools turns into a powerful weed and brush cutter. When it's time to trim, edge or cut along solid objects simply remove the blades and switch to the pivoting discs. Loaded with .095 trimmer line, these discs are ideal for cutting along fences, posts, flower beds and other solid objects fast, efficiently and without wasting line. The 4700 saves time and money.

Comes pre-loaded with 3 blades, 3 pivoting discs and 3 pieces of GrassGator .095 Shaped Trimmer line.

Use only replacement blades model 3610 and .095 trimmer line.


Grass Gator Model Blade
3600 3610
4600 4610
4620 4610
4680* 4690*
4700 3610
4750 3610 or 4610
6700 6710

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